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Supply-Use tables provide the key accounting mechanism to ensure that there is coherence between the various sources of data and approaches countries use to estimate GDP – expenditure, output and income. They also have the potential to inform a wide range of policy areas.

These datasets give information by industry (at the 2 digit ISIC Rev 4 level: 89 industries) with corresponding breakdowns by product (using the comparable European CPA product breakdown). They are available at the total economy level, with separate splits of domestic and import use, at both purchasers and basic prices, and contain complementary tables describing the differences between the two price basis broken down by trade and transport margins and taxes and subsidies on products.


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Showing the dependencies on imports relative to domestic supply can help better understand how important supply chains are to domestic production and consumption. Explore below the 8 visualisations looking at the dependency by product to compare for a selected country the share of imports by product, and for a selected product, the share of imports by country as well as the 2 visualisations looking at the dependency by industry to compare for a selected country the share of imports by industry, and for a selected industry the share of imports by country.

These visualisations present these relationships prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, so do not show the impact of the crisis, but they do show the potential impacts of supply chain shocks on domestic production and consumption.


Dependency by product


Dependency by industry


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