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New estimates provide insights on CO2 emissions from global shipping

15 June 2023 - Today the OECD has released experimental estimates for CO2 emissions from global shipping. The new database contains monthly figures for CO2 emissions by type of ship and by country. The estimates were developed using a near-real time data source derived from location tracking devices used for maritime vessels, including all types of ships making international voyages. 


Listen to our new podcast: Accounting for the environment: Better data for a better future

16 Nov  2022 - With temperatures rising and natural disasters occurring more frequently, the climate crisis is on everyone's minds. Countries have come together in an effort to address climate change via international co-operation. However, the climate crisis is worsening. Calls for concrete policy action are deafening; but to generate world class policy advice, we need world class evidence. The OECD compiles and produces data to understand and monitor the environment in a way that is coherent with economic accounting. But what does this mean exactly? Why is it important to measure our environment and our environmental impacts? What is the data telling us? And how can these indicators help policymakers? This OECD Podcast aims to address these questions and more in conversation with one of our own economic-environmental accounting experts.




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