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Subnational Government Climate Finance Hub



Given the urgency of the climate crisis, it is more important than ever to improve our understanding of the financial role of subnational governments in the transition, to track the progress regions and cities are making towards achieving the Paris Agreement commitments and other green objectives, and to identify areas where further action is needed to align their expenditure, investment and revenues with their climate goals and mobilise additional sources of finance.


Areas of work

Subnational Climate-Expenditure Tracking

(Subnational Government Climate Finance Database & Methodology)


Subnational Climate-Revenue Tracking

(Compendium of Financial Instruments that Support Subnational Government Climate Action)


Subnational Green Budgeting

(Guidelines, Case Studies & Self-Assessment Tool) 









6 December 2023 | OECD Virtual Pavilion at COP28 - Tracking national and subnational government climate actions through COFOG

5-7 October 2022 Making the most of subnational green budgeting to mobilise private climate finance

22 June 2022 | Launch conference: Financing climate action in regions and cities Agenda | Summary | Presentation

10 November 2021 | OECD & CCFLA joint COP26 event: Financing climate action in regions and cities

13 October 2021| Expert workshop: Tracking and measuring subnational climate finance

24 March 2021 | Vers une budgétisation verte en Bretagne

6-9 October 2020 | The role of cities and regions in financing a green, sustainable recovery from the COVID-19 crisis



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