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Government at a Glance: Latin America and the Caribbean 2017

This second edition of Government at a Glance: Latin America and the Caribbean provides the latest available data on public administrations in the LAC region and compares it to OECD countries. It contains new indicators on public finances, centres of government, regulatory governance, open government, digital government and public procurement. This edition also includes a special feature on health budgeting. After a decade of sustained economic growth reinforced by high commodity prices, economic conditions are deteriorating in the LAC region. In this context, LAC governments are expected to design and deliver more inclusive, transparent  and efficient policies. This report provides policy makers with performance measurements and offers comparative perspective. Good indicators are needed more than ever to help governments make informed decisions and tough choices, in order to  maintain progress and improvements in the region.

Published on December 06, 2016Also available in: Spanish

SUMMARIESavailable in 3 languages

English Government at a Glance: Latin America and the Caribbean 2017 (Summary in English)
Spanish Panorama de las Administraciones Públicas: América Latina y el Caribe 2017
Portuguese Panorama das Administrações Públicas: América Latina e Caraíbas 2017


Executive summary
Reader's guide
The impact of fiscal policy on equity
Public finance and economics11 chapters available
General government fiscal and structural balance
General government debt
General government revenues
General government tax revenues
Special Feature: Fiscal revenues from non-renewable natural resources
General government expenditures
Revenues and expenditures structure by levels of government
General government expenditures by economic transaction
Government investment spending
Special feature: Key features of cost-benefit analysis
Special feature: objectives and sectoral use of cost-benefit analysis
Public employment2 chapters available
Employment in the public sector
Women in public sector employment
Institutions (Centres of government)3 chapters available
Decision making of government
Policy coordination
Strategic management and monitoring
Budget practices and procedures7 chapters available
Structure and responsibilities of the central budget authority (CBA)
Executive budget negotiations and off-budget expenditures
Budget approval
Long-term fiscal projections
Complementary budgets and reserve funds
Special feature: Health financing systems and budget formulation for health
Special feature: Monitoring and execution of health spending
Human resources management5 chapters available
Human resources planning
Civil service merit
Performance appraisal
Compensation management
Organisation of the HRM function
Regulatory policy and governance5 chapters available
General trends and institutional setting
Stakeholder engagement and transparency
Regulatory Impact Assessment
Ex post evaluation and administrative simplification
Special feature: Competition-Friendly Regulatory Environment
Digital and open government8 chapters available
Digital strategies
Measurement of financial benefits and ICT expenditures
Procurement of ICT
National online portals and digital recognition mechanisms
Open government strategies
Institutional setting and key functions of the open government coordination unit
Challenges to implement the open government strategy
Open government data
Public procurement4 chapters available
Size of public procurement
Strategic public procurement
Procurement regulatory entities
Annexes4 chapters available
HRM practices composite indexes
OECD Indicators of Regulatory Policy and Governance (iREG) for Latin America 2016
The OECD index on open government data
Contextual factors
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