Towards a Blue Recovery in Fiji

COVID-19 Appraisal Report

The global COVID-19 pandemic has severely affected Fiji, hitting at backbone economic sectors, such as international tourism and export fisheries. It has also brought to the fore the need to embark on a more sustainable model of development. This report examines Fiji’s economic and sustainability trends, as well as the governance and financing of its ocean economy before and during the COVID-19 crisis. It provides an initial mapping of promising initiatives and funding instruments that can be developed and scaled up to foster a sustainable blue recovery, focusing on four main areas: sustainable fisheries, sustainable tourism, green shipping and marine conservation.

Available from June 23, 2022


Abbreviations and acronyms
Executive summary
Fiji’s recovery and the Blue Recovery Hubs
The ocean economy of Fiji before COVID-19: Economic trends and sustainability stressors
The ocean economy of Fiji during the COVID-19 crisis
Governance architecture and policy tools for Fiji’s sustainable ocean economy
Financing for a sustainable ocean economy and blue recovery
Setting sail for sustainability: Opportunities and tools for fostering a blue recovery
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