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Strengthening Shardara Multi-Purpose Water Infrastructure in Kazakhstan

More than 8 000 large multi-purpose water infrastructures (MPWIs) around the world contribute to economic development, as well as water, food and energy security, encompassing all human-made water systems including dams, dykes, reservoirs and associated irrigation canals and water supply networks. Focused on the specific case of the Shardara MPWI located in Low Syr-Darya Basin, South Kazakhstan and Kyzyl-Orda oblasts (provinces) of Kazakhstan, this report looks at the choice and design of MPWI investment strategies that ensure a high economic return on investments and potential bankability, based on application of a computer model and lessons learned from 15 international MPWI case studies.

Published on April 10, 2018Also available in: Russian

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Abbreviations and terms
Executive summary
Economic assessment of Shardara MPWI development option4 chapters available
Shardara Multi-Purpose Water Infrastructure (MPWI)
Actions, scenarios and storylines
Findings and recommendations
A review of international experience with multi-purpose water infrastructure systems4 chapters available
Methodology for presenting case studies
Case studies
Conclusions and lessons learned
Further reading
Annexes6 chapters available
Institutions visited and persons met
Mission, April 2016
Expert workshop, September 2016
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