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The impact of megatrends on tourism: International perspective and the case of Venice


26 November 2019| 9.45-11.30 Venice, Italy

Organised by the OECD Venice Office on Culture and Local Development

Focus of the meeting

This meeting will feature a presentation by the OECD on the impact of megatrends on tourism as well as focus on the specific case of Venice.

Four megatrends are likely to have significant impacts and relevance for tourism: i) evolving visitor demand; ii) sustainable tourism growth; iii) enabling technologies; and iv) travel mobility. Exploring the multidimensional implications of these megatrends to 2040 is important to inform policy and shape the future of tourism. Venice, with its small urban dimension and its global attraction, has been facing before any other tourism destination the impacts of global megatrends such as over-tourism and the crowding-out effect in an economic and also social perspective. The pressure of tourist demand is a challenge not only for the preservation of historical and cultural attractions, but also for the vitality of local economy and the quality of life of residents. In the framework of sustainable tourism development, policy responses should be evidence based combining official data with the one revealed by human behavior. Moreover, tourism management should follow a more systematic approach. The research project Venezia Civitas Metropolitana can contribute to the emergence of new policies, considering all the multiple Venices - historical, administrative, functional, metropolitan and touristic.



Peter Haxton, Policy Analyst, OECD Centre for Entrepreneurship, SMEs, Regions and Cities

Damiano De Marchi, Destination Product Specialist at Travel Appeal, Statistics Expert at UNWTO and Senior Lecturer and Professional Trainer on Tourism Economics


The event is open to experts, civil society and all interested parties upon registration.


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