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OECD Series on Principles of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and Compliance Monitoring


GLP consensus documents and Advisory Documents I  Guidance Documents for Compliance Monitoring Authorities  

Position Papers  I  Guidance for Receiving Authorities

OECD Principles of GLP


GLP Consensus and Advisory Documents 

Consensus documents are guidance documents for the application of GLP that stemmed from ‘consensus workshops’ traditionally held in earlier years of the programme on particular issues regarding the application of GLP. These types of ‘consensus workshops’ are no longer held.

Advisory Documents are guidance documents for the application of GLP, formulated on a consensus-based approach and include a public consultation prior to the publication. Several documents have been updated as consensus documents or replaced by Advisory Documents through updated practices of the Working Party on GLP. 


Guidance Documents for Compliance Monitoring Authorities

Guidance for Compliance Monitoring Authorities is a sub-set of guidance specifically for the purposes of monitoring authorities.


Position Papers

Position papers are types of documents used to communicate advice on a specific topic when the topic is related to GLP but not directly linked to the implementation of the GLP principles. They are also used to communicate policy positions on topics from the viewpoint of the Working Party on GLP.


Guidance for Receiving Authorities

Guidance for Receiving Authorities is a sub-set of guidance specifically for the purposes of government receiving authorities.


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