Environment Directorate


  • Outcomes: Environment Ministerial

    30-31 March 2022 - Read the press release, the Ministerial Declaration and the Chairs' Summary. Find out more on the Key Issues Paper, Who's Who and the art exhibit.

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  • Global Plastics Outlook

    This report intends to inform and support policy efforts to combat plastic leakage. The report quantifies the production, use, disposal and key environmental impacts throughout the entire plastics lifeycle and identifies opportunities for reducing negative externalities.

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  • OECD International Programme for Action on Climate (IPAC)

    IPAC supports country progress towards net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and a more resilient economy by 2050. Through regular monitoring, policy evaluation and feedback on results and good practices, IPAC helps countries strengthen and co-ordinate their climate action. It complements and supports the UNFCCC and the Paris Agreement monitoring frameworks.

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