Chemical accident prevention, preparedness and response


  • Chemical Accidents Involving Nanomaterials

    This report aims to investigate safety issues related to the prevention of, preparedness for, and response to accidents involving manufactured nanomaterials. Available information, guidelines, and seven accident cases are analysed for raising awareness of chemical safety policymakers on the potential risks of chemical accidents involving nanomaterials and reviewing measures to prevent them.

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  • Risks from Natural Hazards at Hazardous Installations (NATECH)

    Natural hazards such as earthquakes and floods can initiate events which challenge the safety and operation at hazardous installations. Accidents triggered by such events are known as ‘Natech’ - Natural Hazards Triggering Technological Accidents. Many natural disasters have led to major damages to hazardous installations, releases of hazardous substances, fires and explosions, resulting in potential health effects, environmental pollution, and economic losses. These impacts can also have a transboundary dimension. Natural hazards considered minor, such as lightning or freeze, have also been found to cause Natech accidents.

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  • Guidance on Change of Ownership in Hazardous Facilities

    The Guidance on Change of Ownership in Hazardous Facilities is a concise document providing a framework to assist stakeholders to identify, understand and minimise the risks during and after a change of ownership at a hazardous facility, and help make the change of ownership a better informed process.

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The OECD Programme on Chemical Accidents addresses a subject that concerns everyone who uses or handles hazardous chemicals, works in a chemical plant, or lives near one. This programme helps public authorities, industry, labour and other interested parties prevent chemical accidents and respond appropriately if one occurs.


Key Publications

OECD Guiding Principles for Chemical Accidents Prevention, Preparedness 


Corporate Governance for Process Safety: OECD Guidance for Senior Leaders in High hazard Industry 

Guidance on Change of Ownership in Hazardous Facilities

Guidance documents on Safety Performance Indicators for Industry and for Public Authorities & Communities/Public 

Brochure: International efforts for industrial and chemical accidents prevention, preparedness and response

International efforts for industrial & chemical accidents prevention, preparedness and response brochure

You will find in the brochure:

    • A presentation of the Inter-Agency Coordination Group for Industrial and Chemical Accidents,
    • All the international tools and support for industrial and chemical accident prevention, preparedness and response; 
    • A description of each organisation's expertise and programme;
    • Development of collaborative tools between international organisations to improve chemical accident prevention and mitigation of potential consequences;
    • Depiction of the challenges ahead in the prevention, preparedness and response to industrial and chemical accidents.

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