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Technology Tools to Tackle Tax Evasion and Tax Fraud



Technology is fast becoming an indispensable tool for tax authorities. Although technology can enable taxpayers to use more sophisticated methods to evade tax, it can also be a powerful tool for tax authorities to swiftly identify such methods. A number of tax authorities have already achieved successes in preventing and detecting tax evasion and fraud through the use of technology solutions, which has led to the recovery of billions of Euro in tax revenue.

Published on 31 March 2017


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This report provides an overview of some of the technology tools that tax authorities have implemented to address tax evasion and tax fraud, focussing on electronic sales suppression and false invoicing. The report also includes a more technical catalogue of these technology solutions, with a view to encouraging other tax authorities that are facing the same types of risks to draw on that experience. The report also discusses complementary work that tax authorities are undertaking to address the cash economy and sharing economy, which, although not types of tax evasion and fraud themselves, can facilitate it.


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