Innovation policies for space and oceans

Many science, R&D, innovation and economic projects are now linked to the exploration and exploitation of the oceans and the space environment. Within the OECD Directorate for Science, Technology and Innovation, the Innovation Policies for Space and Oceans (IPSO) Unit builds upon work of the former International Futures Programme.


The ocean economy and innovation

In addition to its crucial role for regulating the climate and weather, and providing critical ecosystem services, the ocean is vital to the world’s economy, with more than 90% of trade using sea routes and as a source of jobs for millions of people. The ocean is also the stage for a growing range of new ocean-related economic activities and constant innovations.


OECD Space Forum

The Space Forum is an international platform bringing together stakeholders from the global space community and beyond to exchange on economic issues concerning space activities. It aims to improve measurement of the space economy and its broader impacts. Its unique convening power makes it an ideal setting for research and discussions on the space economy.