Competition Market Study of Tunisia's Retail Banking Sector

This market study provides an assessment of competition in three broad areas of the retail banking sector in Tunisia: current accounts, bank loans for micro, small and medium enterprises and mobile payment services. The report identifies areas where competition is not working as well as it could, reducing customers mobility and access to finance and limiting the competitive pressure that fintech companies can exert on traditional banks. The report provides a range of recommendations to improve market outcomes for financial services users and it includes estimates of the expected impact of the implementation of the recommendations on the economy. This competition market study is part of a broader project aiming at fostering pro-competitive reforms in Tunisia.

Available from December 14, 2023Also available in: French


Abbreviations and acronyms
Executive summary
The retail banking sector in Tunisia
Factors weakening competition in Tunisia’s retail banking sector
Current accounts
Bank loans to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises
Mobile payments
Barriers to entry and expansion
Summary of findings
Quantification of consumer benefits
Annexes3 chapters available
Competition assessment methodology
Regulatory framework
Consumer and MSME survey methodologies
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