OECD/IDB Session at the Cities Summit of the Americas | Green jobs and skills: who, where and how


  28 April 2023 | 15:00 - 16:30 CET (9:00-10:30 MST) In-person


The green transition is changing jobs, skills, and local economies. It poses new challenges but also opportunities, both of which will differ across and within countries. Join this discussion to hear the latest OECD and IDB evidence on the risks and opportunities across communities in over 40 OECD, Latin American and Caribbean countries. Learn more about the types of solutions local and regional leaders are putting in place to alleviate the skills bottlenecks that may hold back the green transition. In particular, what can be done to make the transition more “just” and enhance access to opportunity for historically disadvantaged places and people? 

Opening remarks: Ambassador Katherine Tai, United States Trade Representative

Setting the scene:

  • Karen Maguire, Head of Division, Local Employment and Economic Development Programme, OECD
  • Dulce Baptista, Senior Labor Markets Specialist, Labor Markets Division, Inter-American Development Bank

Panel discussion

  • Henry Valencia, Vice Minister of Labor and Employment, Ecuador
  • Carolina Cosse, Mayor of Montevideo, Uruguay and OECD Champion Mayor for Inclusive Growth
  • Terri Taylor, Strategy Director for Innovation and Discovery, Lumina Foundation
  • Geri Yang Johnson, Transformative Communities Director,





 From the OECD

From the IDB



This event will take place as part of the Cities Summit of the Americas, which will join government leaders from cities, states, and other municipalities from across the Americas with a diverse and inclusive group of stakeholders.  These include representatives of civil society, academia, youth, arts and culture, and Indigenous and previously underrepresented groups.  Participants will build partnerships and advance regional cooperation in a wide variety of subject areas, from migration to climate change. 








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