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Public Procurement Review of the State's Employees' Social Security and Social Services Institute in Mexico

How can citizens’ health and well-being be improved when public resources are limited? What practices allow hospitals and health clinics to get state of art medical equipment and medicine at the right price? The OECD Procurement Review of the Mexican State’s Employees’ Social Security and Social Services Institute (ISSSTE) looks at the public entity responsible for providing medical and social services to Mexican civil servants. It provides a comprehensive assessment of its procurement function and how to improve it in order to enhance the overall efficiency and transparency of the organisation and the quality of the services it provides. The review builds on the OECD Principles for Enhancing Integrity in Public Procurement, good practices of other health organisations as well as comparative data on public procurement in OECD countries.

Published on November 14, 2013Also available in: Spanish

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Foreword and Acknowledgements
Acronyms and abbreviations
Executive summary
Overview of the Mexican health system system: The role of the State's Employees' Social Security and Social Services Institute
Strengthening the structure and co-ordination of ISSSTE's procurement function
Ensuring high quality regulations for ISSSTE's procurement processes
Fostering effective risk-based internal control in ISSSTE's procurement activities
Managing for results: Implementing an organisational procurement strategy and evidence-based performance management in ISSSTE
Achieving better procurement results through sound sourcing methods
Addressing deficiencies in ISSSTE's procurement processes
Enhancing procurement capability in ISSSTE
E-procurement: Implementing a strong IT environment to support ISSSTE's procurement activities
Towards open government: Promoting transparency in public procurement in ISSSTE
Ensuring integrity throughout ISSSTE's procurement cycle
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