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Public Procurement Review of the Mexican Institute of Social Security

Enhancing Efficiency and Integrity for Better Health Care

Building on the 2008 OECD Principles for Enhancing Integrity in Public Procurement and good practices of similar organisations in other OECD countries, this review provides a comprehensive assessment of IMSS procurement strategies, systems and processes and proposes a roadmap for the reform of its procurement function.

Published on December 13, 2013Also available in: Spanish

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Executive summary
Overview of the Mexican health system and of the Mexican Institute of Social Security
Implementing the Right Procurement Framework in IMSS4 chapters available
Strengthening the structure and governance of IMSS' procurement function
Implementing strong organisational procurement strategies in IMSS
Promoting complementary policy objectives through IMSS' public procurement
Fostering effective internal control and risk management in IMSS' procurement activities
Building IMSS’ Capabilities for Procurement Activities4 chapters available
Enhancing procurement capability in IMSS
E-procurement: Implementing a strong IT environment to support IMSS' procurement activities
Procurement data and performance management system: Toward evidence-based decision making in IMSS' public procurement
Ensuring clarity and reducing procurement risks in IMSS through strong tender documents and model contracts
Optimising IMSS’ Procurement Process3 chapters available
Revisiting IMSS' pre-solicitation activities for a stronger procurement function
Increasing efficiency and fairness in the solicitation and contract award process of IMSS
Ensuring results for IMSS: Implementing stronger post-award contract management activities
Fostering Integrity and Public Accountability in IMSS’s Procurement Function3 chapters available
IMSS' review and remedy system: A tool to improve procurement activities
Ensuring integrity throughout IMSS' public procurement cycle
Fostering accountability through transparency and civil society scrutiny
Improving Public Procurement: IMSS’ Plan of Action1 chapter available
IMSS' plan of action to improve its procurement system
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