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Guide to blockchain technology and its use in the public sector


Blockchains Unchained: Blockchain Technology and its use in the Public Sector

OECD Working Papers on Public Governance No. 28, June 2018 - Jamie Berryhill, Théo Bourgery and Angela Hanson


This guide aims to equip public servants with the necessary knowledge to understand what the Blockchain architecture is, the implications it could have on government services, and the opportunities and challenges governments may face as a result.

This paper also aims to provide information on what Blockchain technology is not, and areas where its application may not be useful. It is often the case that hype around the impact of emerging and disruptive technologies overstates their practical and pragmatic applications.

An understanding of what Blockchain technology is and is not is critical in helping policy makers and civil servants look past the hype and determine whether Blockchain technology is something that may help them advance their missions.


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This guide was prepared by the Observatory of Public Sector Innovation (OPSI), in collaboration with the Working Party of Senior Digital Government Officials (ELeaders). OPSI is part of the OECD’s Reform of the Public Sector Division (RPS) of the Directorate for Public Governance (GOV). 



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