Towards an impactful Mitigation Work Programme under the UNFCCC

The Mitigation Work Programme (MWP) was established at COP26 to urgently enhance mitigation ambition and implementation in this critical decade. This paper explores how the MWP could build on and amplify relevant existing efforts, within and outside the UNFCCC, to trigger the rapid scale up of mitigation efforts required to keep the temperature goal of the Paris Agreement within reach. As a multilateral platform backed by the legitimacy and convening power of the UNFCCC, the MWP could help to raise awareness of available tools and solutions, build momentum behind relevant ongoing mitigation-related initiatives without being prescriptive, and deliver more effective, targeted mitigation efforts across all fronts in the near-term. This paper also outlines potential options for the annual decision on the MWP which provides an important opportunity to maintain attention on the need to urgently scale up mitigation efforts and encourages learning-by-doing. The annual MWP decision could be structured around different mutually supportive elements including lessons learned from the MWP’s first year, follow-up from MWP activities and related mitigation commitments at previous COPs, synergies with other UNFCCC processes, and how to complement the global stocktake.

Available from November 17, 2023

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