Scaling Up the Mobilisation of Private Finance for Climate Action in Developing Countries

Challenges and Opportunities for International Providers

This report explores evidence-based action areas to increase and accelerate the mobilisation of private finance for climate action in developing countries, and the role of international public finance providers in doing so. It draws on best-available data to provide disaggregated analysis of the sectoral, geographic and other features of private finance mobilised by public climate finance and presents key economy-wide, sector-specific, and institutional challenges to private finance mobilisation. The analysis is anchored in the context of the USD 100 billion climate finance goal, initially set for 2020 and extended to 2025, while also providing insights related to mobilising private finance for climate action in developing countries more broadly.

Published on November 16, 2023

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Abbreviations and acronyms
Executive summary
Trends of private climate finance mobilised for developing countries
Geographic, sectoral, and institutional challenges to and opportunities for private finance mobilisation
Recommendations for policymakers
Country groupings
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