Climate Change Expert Group (CCXG)

Global Forum on the Environment and Climate Change - March 2023

21-22 March, 2023
9:00 - 17:30
Paris, France
Hybrid Meeting

This Global Forum on the Environment and Climate Change, jointly organised by the OECD and the IEA, aimed to promote dialogue, and enhance understanding among a wide range of countries on key issues relevant to the international climate change negotiations and implementation of the Paris Agreement. This Global Forum focused on the global stocktake of the Paris Agreement, the mitigation work programme, and issues related to finance for loss and damage. There were also discussions on issues related to authorisation under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement and on recent OECD and IEA work on hydrogen. This Global Forum took place under the Chatham House Rule, meaning that remarks made during the discussions were not attributed to individuals.


Day 1: Tuesday 21 March 2023

Welcome and opening plenary

Moderator: Hyunsoo Yun (CCXG Chair)

Opening remarks

Scene-setting presentation:
 Tim Lenton (University of Exeter)

Breakout Group A1 - Mitigation work programme (MWP) - Learning from previous exchanges including lessons from investment-focused events

This session highlighted experiences relevant to global dialogues and investment-focused events, and how best to move the MWP forward to meet its ambitious aims.

Facilitator: Emma Rachmawaty (Indonesia)


Breakout Group B1 - What is loss & damage (L&D)? 

This session explored different types of L&D countries are experiencing, to provide some context for subsequent discussions on the types of funding that could be useful for responding to L&D and the institutions/funding arrangements best suited to deliver this.

FacilitatorSierra Woodruff (USA) 


Breakout Group A2 - MWP – What does a focused exchange of views mean?

This session explored different design options for a “focused exchange of views” and discussed the implications of different options.

FacilitatorCristina Carreiras (European Commission)


Breakout Group B2 - Understanding the scope of funding for L&D

This session explored potential activities that could be covered by new funding arrangements for responding to L&D and how this relates to other types of funding for climate action.

FacilitatorBenito Müller (University of Oxford)


Exsley Taloiburi (The Organisation of African, Caribbean and Pacific States)

Breakout Group A3 - Potential outputs or outcomes of the MWP

This session explored what potential output(s) and outcome(s) could be expected from the MWP, and what is needed to achieve these.

Facilitator: Veronica N. Gundu Jakarasi (Zimbabwe)


Asger Garnak (CONCITO)

Breakout Group B3 - Understanding the current landscape of institutions and funding arrangements for L&D

This session explored how institutions at different levels are currently funding activities related to addressing L&D, identified potential overlaps and gaps in their activities/support, and potential areas a new fund for responding to L&D could most usefully focus on.

FacilitatorRichard Sherman (South Africa)


Respondent: Cathrine Wenger (Wenger Law)

Day 2: Wednesday 22 March 2023

Breakout Group C1 - Towards a successful outcome of the first global stocktake (GST1)

This session explored what a successful GST1 would look like and what is needed to reach this outcome in the lead up to COP28 and beyond.

FacilitatorKaveh Guilanpour (Center for Climate and Energy Solutions)


Ambassador Mohamed Nasr (Egypt)

Breakout Group C2 - Organisation and design options for the consideration of outputs phase of GST1

This session explored how to design the consideration of outputs component of GST1 to achieve a successful outcome.

Facilitator: Manjeet Dhakal (Advisor to the LDC Chair)


Breakout Group C3 - Structuring impactful technical and political outputs for a successful GST1

This session explored how to structure the technical and political outputs of GST1 to be most useful for informing national actions and enhancing international co-operation.

Facilitator: Thomas Vergna (Netherlands)



  • Patrick Spicer (Canada)
  • Emmanuelle Pinault (UN High-Level Climate Champions team)

Breakout Group D1 - Authorisation under Article 6

This session discussed implications of different possible changes of authorisations by Parties.

Facilitator: Simon Fellermeyer (Switzerland)


  • Jacqueline Ruesga (New Zealand) 
  • El Hadji Mbaye Diagne (Senegal)  
  • Martin Hession (European Commission)
  • Maria Al-Jishi (Saudi Arabia)
  • Marina Carrilho Soares (Brazil)

OECD and IEA information session: recent work on hydrogen

Facilitator: Hyunsoo Yun (CCXG Chair)


Looking ahead to COP28: Wrap up and closing remarks


  • Hana AlHashimi (UAE, incoming COP28 Presidency)
  • Hyunsoo Yun (CCXG Chair)


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