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Improving School Leadership - Volume 1: Policy and Practice, Volume 2: Case Studies on System Leadership


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ISBN Number: 978-92-64-03308-5
Publication Date: 28 August 2008
Pages: 195
Number of graphs: 14

Improving School Leadership

Volume 1: Policy and Practice

Directorate for Education

By Beatriz Pont, Deborah Nusche and Hunter Moorman

As countries strive to reform education systems and improve student results, school leadership is high on education policy agendas. But in many countries, the men and women who run schools are overburdened, underpaid and near retirement. And few people are lining up for their jobs.

What leadership roles contribute most to improving student learning? How best to allocate and distribute leadership tasks? How to develop the right skills for effective school leadership? How to make the profession attractive to high-quality candidates?

this book is based on an OECD study of school leadership practices and policies around the world. Offereing a valuable cross-country perspective, it identifies four policy levers and a range of policy options to help governments improve school leadership now and build sustainable leadership for the future.

ISBN Number: 978-92-64-03308-5

Publication date: 28 August 2008

Pages: 275

Number of tables: 3

Number of graphs: 11


Improving School Leadership

Volume 2: Case Studies on System Leadership

Directorate for Education

Edited by Beatriz Pont, Deborah Nusche and David Hopkins

The job of school leaders has changed radically as countries transform their education systems to prepare young people for today's rapid technological change, economic globalisation and increased migration. One new role they are being asked to play is to work beyond their school borders so that they can contribute not only to the success of their own school but tot he system as a whole - so that every school is a good school.

This book explores what specialists are saying about system leadership for school improvement. Case studies examine innovative approaches to sharing leadership across schools in Belgium (Flanders), Finland and the United Kingdom (England) and leadership development prgrammes for system improvement in Australia and Austria. As these are emerging practices, the book provides a first international comparison and assessment of the state of the art of system leadership.

Executive Summary


Tables of contents


Volume 1: Policy and Practice


Executive summary

Chapter 1. School leadership matters

Chapter 2. (Re)Defining school leadership responsibilities

Chapter 3. Distributing school leadership

Chapter 4. Developing skills for effective school leadership

Chapter 5. Making school leadership an attractive profession


Volume 2: Case studies on system leadership


Executive summary

Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Realising the potential of system leadership

Chapter 3. Leadership a the practice of improvement

Chapter 4. The Finnish approach to system leadership

Chapter 5. The English approach to system leadership

Chapter 6. The Flemish (Belgian) approach to system leadership

Chapter 7. Building leadership capacity for system improvement in Victoria, Australia

Chapter 8. Building leadership capacity for system improvement in Austria

Chapter 9. Approaches to system leadership: lessons learned and policy pointers


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