Global Forum on Technology

Announced at the December 2022 OECD Digital Economy Ministerial meeting, the OECD Global Forum on Technology is a venue for regular in-depth dialogue to foresee and get ahead of long-term opportunities and risks presented by technology. It facilitates inclusive, multi-stakeholder and values-based discussions on specific technology policy topics, responding to gaps in existing fora.

Download briefing notes on the three technologies that the Global Forum on Technology is currently exploring:

 Immersive technologies   Quantum technologies   Synthetic biology

Global Forum goals

The Global Forum on Technology acts as a medium to long-term venue to engage OECD members and non-members, in dialogue with industry, trade unions, academia, civil society and technical communities. Its goals are to:

  • Foster strategic evidence-based dialogue and international cooperation, informed by external expertise and initiatives, on topics at the forefront of global digital and technology policy debate, including with a view to informing principles and approaches on the basis of shared values. 
  • Identify and analyse specific technological developments where there are gaps in existing fora, their potential societal, economic, security, and sustainability impacts and the potential implications for policy and regulatory frameworks. 
  • Explore nascent approaches to policy challenges and opportunities posed by emerging technologies and business models, and share good practices for the governance of technologies to build trust among participants and foster common and coherent approaches based on mutual interests and democratic values.

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