Multi-dimensional Review of Paraguay - Vol. 1. Initial Assessment

Paraguay has achieved strong and resilient growth and made progress across a range of development outcomes since it emerged from a prolonged period of economic and political instability in the early 2000s. In 2014, the country adopted its first National Development Plan, setting course towards an ambitious vision of the country’s future. To maintain the pace of economic growth and achieve more inclusive development Paraguay will need to overcome a number of institutional, economic and social constraints that challenge its development model. This first volume of the Multi-dimensional Review of Paraguay analyses the country’s development performance and presents the main constraints to the country’s development. It examines five broad areas, corresponding to the key areas of the Sustainable Development Goals: prosperity, people’s well-being, planet, peace and institutions, and partnerships and financing.

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Chapter 1: Meeting Paraguay's development ambition

Chapter 2: Towards shared prosperity in Paraguay

Chapter 3: People: Improving citizen well-being in Paraguay

Chapter 4: Towards sustainable environment in Paraguay

Chapter 5: Paving the way to sustainable development, peace, justice and strong institutions in Paraguay

Chapter 6: Partnerships: Resourcing Paraguay's development agenda

Multi-dimensional Review of Paraguay - Vol. 2. In-depth Analysis and Recommendations


Having achieved robust economic growth and remarkable macroeconomic stability over the past 15 years, Paraguay has set a course to become not only more prosperous, but also more inclusive by 2030. To deliver on its development ambition, the country will have to overcome a number of crosscutting constraints that limit progress towards widely shared improvements in citizen well-being, as identified in Volume 1 of the review. Putting Paraguay on a more inclusive development path requires co-ordinated actions to increase the capacity of the state to redistribute, to improve the delivery of public services, and to break the persistence of poverty and inequality across generations. This report discusses policy actions and priorities in three critical areas to make Paraguay’s development more inclusive. It presents in-depth analysis and recommendations to improve the effectiveness of social protection, the delivery of health services, and the formation of skills for all Paraguayans.


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Chapter 1: Overview and recommendations to meet Paraguay's development ambition

Chapter 2: Towards social protection for all in Paraguay

Chapter 3: Reforming to foster healthier lives in Paraguay

Chapter 4: Towards an education and skills system that fosters inclusiveness and employability in Paraguay

Multi-dimensional Review of Paraguay - Vol. 3. From Analysis to Action

Paraguay has set itself ambitious development goals for 2030. To achieve them, it will have to tackle two major challenges: buttressing sources of sustainable economic prosperity and putting the country on a more inclusive development path. Progressing towards a more inclusive society will require a broad and vigorous reform agenda. First, the country’s healthcare system requires systemic reform to widen its coverage, reduce Paraguayans’ vulnerability in the face of health risks and increase the efficiency of health service provision. Second, the social protection system needs to overcome its fragmentation and become more effective in delivering the right services and risk management tools to citizens according to their needs. In particular, the pension system requires reforms to increase its coverage and become more equitable and more sustainable. Third, the quality and the inclusiveness of its education and training system need to be strengthened to generate the skills the economy needs, and provide opportunities to all. Based on the analysis and recommendations undertaken in Volumes 1 and 2 of this Multi-dimensional country review, this report identifies key areas for action and presents targeted action plans to kick-start reform. The report also provides a dashboard of monitoring indicators to support the reform agenda in the country.

Press release (in spanish) : El Centro de Desarrollo de la OCDE plantea reformas clave para poner a Paraguay en una senda de desarrollo más inclusiva

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