Multi-dimensional Review of Panama - Vol. 1 - Initial Assessment

Since the beginning of the 21st century, Panama has exhibited remarkable economic growth and has reduced the gap in terms of income per capita with high-income countries. Social progress has also been achieved, mainly through the reduction of poverty and advances in some well-being dimensions. However, challenges remain with regard to overcoming the so-called middle-income trap and consolidating the middle-class. This first volume of the Multi-dimensional Country Review of Panama identifies the main barriers to further inclusive development. It highlights that promoting equitable, inclusive and sustainable economic growth and improving the well-being of all citizens should be at the core of Panama’s development strategies.

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Chapter 1. Overview - Towards further sustainable development and inclusiveness in Panama
Chapter 2. Boosting productivity and value-added in Panama to keep up with growth
Chapter 3. Social inclusion in Panama
Chapter 4. Financing for Panama's development agenda
Chapter 5. Towards better institutions and sustainable development in Panama

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Estudio multidimensional de Panamá Volumen 1. Evaluación inicial Mensajes Principales

Multi-Dimensional Review of Panama - Volume 2: In-depth Analysis and Recommendations

Panama has achieved socio-economic improvements in recent decades thanks to strong economic growth and consequent poverty reduction. Its growth model is characterised by a dual economy in which a small number of activities, including those related to the Canal and Special Economic Zones, have exhibited high productivity growth but limited job creation. Panama should now embark on a new reform agenda to become a sustainable and inclusive high-income country. This report urges greater productivity in sectors that contribute to job formalisation to reduce disparities in income and among regions. As developing these policies requires further resources, taxation system and private sector involvement through public-private partnerships should also be reinforced. Focusing on skills and jobs, regional development and development financing, the volume provides analysis and recommendations on three areas which are key for Panama.

Spanish: Estudio multidimensional de Panamá Volumen 2. Análisis detallado y recomendaciones - Mensajes Principales 

Chapter 1: Overview: Towards a sustainable and inclusive high-income country     
Chapter 2: Building better skills and creating formal jobs for all Panamanians     
Chapter 3: Strengthening regional development policy to boost inclusive growth     
Chapter 4: Improving the taxation system and promoting private sector involvement to support financing for development  

Multi-Dimensional Review of Panama - Volume 3: From Analysis to Action

This MDCR is designed to help Panama formulate development strategies, and identify and support the policy reforms needed to achieve further sustainable and inclusive development. This review comes at a time when Panama is achieving high economic growth but further policy action is needed to expand socio-economic benefits across all economic sectors, regions and households.

Press release: Making Panama's economic growth more inclusive: OECD Development Centre provides action plan (en español)

Spanish: Estudio Multidimensional de Panamá Volumen 3. Del Análisis a La Acción - Resumen Ejecutivo