Resource flows beyond ODA in DAC statistics


Since the Monterrey Consensus in 2002, questions about broader development finance, including how to best mobilise private resources for development, have been at the heart of the political debate on development finance. To respond to the increasing analytical needs in this area, the Secretariat of the Development Assistance Committee (DAC) is working to improve the quality and policy-relevance of its statistics on resource flows to developing countries beyond Official Development Assistance (ODA).


On-going workstreams to improve DAC statistics beyond ODA


Data visualisation on total resource flows to developing countries 

External finance flows, 2005-2017 External finance flows by year
 Total Resource Flows to developing countries, 2005-2017 Total Resource Flows to developing countries, by year

Includes Official Development Assistance (ODA), other official flows (OOF), officially supported export credits, private grants, foreign direct investment and portfolio investment and personal remittances by year, partner country, region and income group.

Other workstreams