The Economic Benefits of Air Quality Improvements in Arctic Council Countries

The Arctic is a vital region that helps preserve the balance of the global climate. The Arctic environment is particularly sensitive to short-lived climate pollutants, including black carbon, due to their strong warming effect. With ambitious policy action to reduce air pollutants, Arctic Council countries would obtain a positive effect on health and the environment throughout their territory, while also helping to slow down climate change by reducing emissions of black carbon. This report calls for ambitious policy action to reduce air pollution in Arctic Council countries, highlighting the environmental, health, and economic benefits from policy action.

Available from April 28, 2021


Acronyms and abbreviations
Executive summary
Air pollution in Arctic Council countries
Description of the approach and scenarios
Air quality improvements and health benefits of air pollution policies
Economic consequences of air pollution policies
Benefits of wider and integrated policy action
Overall benefits of air pollution policies
Annexes2 chapters available
ENV-Linkages model
Methodology for calculating and valuing mortality and morbidity impacts
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