Workshop on methodologies to measure market competition


23 February 2021 9.00 or 16.00 CET  


Agenda: Morning session • Afternoon session

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A perceived reduction of the intensity of competition has been used by some to criticise competition authorities and to propose radical changes to competition law systems. The ability to reliably measure, track and compare the competitive intensity of a market is an extremely valuable key metric to competition authorities and other policymakers to inform decision-making. The fact that competition is a complex notion, and therefore not directly observable, has resulted in the development of numerous methods to capture and measure the degree of competition in markets over the years. Such methods, which vary in complexity and reliability, provide indicators often used to measure the intensity of competition. These indicators can provide useful information but present limitations and careful interpretation is generally necessary, in particular when they are taken in isolation.

On 23 February 2021, the OECD held a virtual workshop for competition authorities to explore these challenges. The workshop, organised in two sessions (morning and afternoon) comprised presentations by experts and by several jurisdictions as well as a question and answer session to allow participants to gain a better understanding of the challenges in measuring market competition and share their own experiences. 

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John Davies Bio
Executive Vice President, Compass Lexecon

Stephen Davies Bio
Professor of Economics, University of East Anglia, UK

Chiara Criscuolo Bio
Head of Division, STI, OECD 



Any questions related to the scope of the workshop should be sent to Patricia Bascunana-Ambros



John Davies on why measure competition

Steve Davies on existing methodologies to measure market competition and key issues

Chiara Criscuolo on competition trends in the digital economy



Market concentration (2018)

Market study methodologies for competition authorities (2017)

Geographic market definition across national borders (2016)

The role of market studies as a tool to promote competition (2016)

Market Definition (2012)

Market Studies (2008)


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