Workshop on Legal Models for International Enforcement Co-operation


 28 October 2021  Virtual event





International co-operation of competition authorities is essential to address anti-competitive mergers and anti-competitive conduct with effects in more than one jurisdiction, or that is caused by firm behaviour in another jurisdiction. The existence and continued growth of large multi-national firms and digitalisation exacerbate the cross-border challenges to competition enforcement.

The OECD has a long tradition of facilitating international enforcement co-operation and establishing standards, substantive and procedural.

Recent work has shown that while international enforcement co-operation is a daily occurrence and high on the agenda of the OECD’s Member Countries, persistent obstacles exist that stifle its further growth and effectiveness. The exchange of confidential information still meets significant challenges, investigative assistance to other authorities meets legal and resource constraints, and joint enforcement against common or parallel infringements is the exception.

This workshop in October 2021 set out to explore how the identified obstacles to information exchanges and enhanced enforcement co-operation can be overcome, which legal models exist in other enforcement areas, and what could be the vision and strategy for the future of international enforcement co-operation to be addressed by the OECD and its Member Countries.


Invited speakers

Frédéric Jenny Bio

Chairman of the OECD Competition Committee

Céline Folsche  

Legal Advisor, OECD Directorate for Legal Affairs

Paul Hondius Bio   

Senior Advisor, International Co-operation and Tax Administration, OECD

Kjell Jostein Sunnevag  

Director External Relations, Norwegian Competition Authority

Rod Sims Bio

Chair of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)  

Teresa Moreira Bio   ‌    

Head of the Competition and Consumer Policies Branch, UNCTAD

Anna Caroline Müller Bio 

Legal Affairs Officer, WTO

John Pecman Bio  

Senior Business Advisor, Fasken, and former Commissioner of Competition, Canadian Competition Bureau

Marianela López-Galdos Bio   

Global Competition Counsel at the Computer & Communications Industry Association (CCIA)


Any questions related to the scope of the workshop should be sent to Sabine Zigelski.

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Teresa Moreira on international organisations in fostering co-operation

Marianela López-Galdos on enforcement co-operation in a digital world

Rod Sims on the need to overcome legal obstacles to international enforcement co-operation

Anna Caroline Müller on the links between trade policy and competition enforcement co-operation

Visions for Competition Enforcement Co-operation: A Trade Perspective

The Nordic Alliance

Documents and Links

International co-operation in competition

OECD Recommendation concerning International Co-operation on Competition Investigations and Proceedings

OECD/ICN Report on International Co-operation in Competition Enforcement 2021

Challenges of international co-operation in competition law enforcement

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Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters

A Toolkit for Becoming a Party to the Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters


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