Trade, development and competition


 6 December 2021  | 12.00-15.00 CET Zoom



Competition can be a powerful force for economic development, growth and productivity. Both competition policy and trade policy can play a role in harnessing competition for these purposes, but the interaction between the two is not often considered. This may change in the years ahead, as policymakers consider how to promote development through competition in a world characterised by different economic and trading systems, as well as growing recognition of the need for a level international playing field.

In December 2021, the 20th edition of the Global Forum on Competition tried to make the link between these two policy areas, and explored where there are tensions and common ground. Some key questions that were covered included:

  • Should competition policy should take into account differences in economic systems or distortions in trade, and if so how?
  • How can competition and trade policy be used to maintain a level playing field in the wake of the COVID pandemic, which has increased interest in industrial policy and the promotion of “national champions”
  • Can trade policy be used to promote greater harmonisation of competition policy across jurisdictions?
  • Are there areas of conflict between trade and competition policy?

The session was be led by a panel of experts from both policy areas to debate these questions, and discuss with delegates in an interactive Q&A format.


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Keynote address by Kristalina Georgieva 


Economic analysis and evidence in abuse cases


The promotion of competition neutrality by competition authorities


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Opening Session

Mathias Cormann SG bio pic

Mathias CORMANN Bio 
Secretary-General, OECD

Kristalina Georgieva bio pic

Kristalina GEORGIEVA Bio  
Managing Director, International Monetary Fund


Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala Bio  ‌ 
Director General, WTO

Rebeca Grynspan Bio    
Secretary-General, UNCTAD

Frédéric JENNY Bio 
Chairman, OECD Competition Committee


Panel Session

Joseph E. Stiglitz bio pic

Joseph E. STIGLITZ Bio ‌ 
Professor, Columbia University
Chief Economist of The Roosevelt Institute
Co-founder and Co-President of the Initiative for Policy Dialogue (IPD)
Co-Chair of the High-Level Expert Group on the Measurement of Economic Performance and Social Progress, OECD

Precious N. Ndlovu bio pic

Precious N. NDLOVU
Senior Lecturer, University of the Western Cape

 Beata Javorcik bio pic
  Bio  ‌ 
Chief Economist, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development      
Simon Evenett bio pic
  Bio  ‌ 
Professor, University of St. Gallen
Global Forum blog series

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#2  What can economics contribute to abuse of dominance investigations? 

#3 The important role of competition authorities in promoting competitive neutrality


Paper by Precious N. NDLOVU


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