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This page provides a list of past recent events organised by the OECD/ Korea Policy Centre, Competition Programme. Unless stated otherwise, these events took place in Seoul. The annual reports include a brief summary of these events and further information on the centre's activities.   

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8-10 March 2023 (Virtual)
Workshop on Digital Platform Market: Market Power in Digital Economy and Competition Policy


9-11 May 2023

Workshop on Market Definition, Economic Analysis and Evidence in Abuse Cases (Korea)


27-29 June 2023 (Virtual)
Workshop on Energy and Competition Policy


18 September 2023  (Virtual)
13th Competition Law Seminar for Asia-Pacific Judges: Standards of Proof and Intensity of Review by Courts


3-5 October 2023 (Malaysia)
Workshop on Cartels and Bid-Rigging


23-24 November 2023 (Virtual)
Workshop on Co-operation Agreements and Competition




8-11 March 2022
Workshop on Market Studies


19-21 April 2022
Workshop on Digital Markets


21 September 2022 
12th Annual OECD/KPC Competition Law Seminar for Asia Pacific Judges


25-27 October 2022 (Bangkok,Thailand)
Workshop on Advocacy Strategies for Competition Authorities in Asia-Pacific


23-25 November 2022
Workshop on Merger Control




Read the 2021 Annual Report with a summary of the centre's activities


4 February 2021

Tenth Virtual Competition Law Seminar for Asia-Pacific Judges with ASEAN 

Virtual Workshop: Competition in the Digital Economy


9-12 March 2021 

Virtual Bilateral Workshop with Thailand: Merger Control


14, 16 & 17 June 2021 

Workshop on Competition and Digital Markets for ASEAN Competition Authorities, in co-operation with PCC


1 July 2021

11th Competition Law Seminar for Asia-Pacific Judges Vertical Restraints


4-7 October 2021 

Workshop: Competitive Neutrality


15-17 November 2021 

Workshop: Procurement and Competition


13 December 2021 

Launch of OECD Asia-Pacific Competition Law Enforcement Trends during 

High-level representatives meeting of Asia-Pacific competition authorities




2020 Annual Report with a summary of the centre's activities


15 July 2020

Meeting of High Level Representatives of Asia-Pacific Competition Authorities


16-17 & 20-21 July 2020

Web Workshop on Health Sector


6-9 & 19, 21 to 23 October 2020

Workshops on Competition Economics for ASEAN Competition Authorities on Mergers and Abuse of Dominance


9-12 November 2020

Virtual Bilateral Workshop Thailand Cartels, Leniency and Fines


16 December 2020

5th Meeting of High Level Representatives of Asia-Pacific Competition Authorities – Competition Policy and Recovery


17 December 2020

 Virtual Young Competition Agencies’ Workshop 

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