Viet Nam


OECD Investment Policy Reviews: Viet Nam 2009

Policy Framework for Investment Assessment

This publication presents the results of the first OECD investment policy review of Vietnam. It finds that the progress Vietnam has achieved in less than two decades in putting into place a legal framework and implementing policies that mobilise private investment, including international direct investment, to support economic growth and the prosperity of Vietnam’s citizens has been remarkable. Starting from a situation in which the economy was essentially closed to private and international investment, Vietnam is now considered to be one of the very attractive economies in the world for investment.

Published on December 10, 2009Also available in: French

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Key Findings and a Roadmap for Future Reforms
Viet Nam's Evolving Position in the Global Economy
Viet Nam's Policy Framework for Investment
Annex A. Viet Nam's Current Free Trade Agreement Negotiations
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