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Developing countries exchange views on green growth policies


Workshop on Green Growth Strategy: OECD Green Growth Strategy from the Perspective of Developing Countries

Seoul, 28 October 2010


A strong and sustainable world economy, consistent with resilient ecosystems, will not be possible without the active engagement of emerging and developing countries. Developing countries have a large share of their economies directly dependent on natural resources and are particularly vulnerable to climate change. Sound management of natural resources offers considerable economic opportunities, while adaptation to the impacts of climate change will be critical for their development.


The OECD Green Growth Strategy will deliver policy recommendations to Ministers in May 2011. For the recommendations to be effective, it is essential that they take into account the needs and objectives of developing countries. The Korean government, as part of its strong support for green growth issues, organised a workshop to discuss the Strategy from the perspective of developing countries, in Seoul on 28 October 2010.


The workshop was an excellent opportunity to share initial findings from the Strategy’s Interim Report with experts from China, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, South Africa, Uzbekistan, Vietnam and the Asian Development Bank, and get feedback from them.


The workshop also provided a platform for discussion on how the Strategy’s Synthesis Report could be applied to different country contexts, and how it could better incorporate the priorities and concerns of developing economies in the pursuit of greener growth. The participants identified the areas in which support from the OECD could be best used to help facilitate their countries’ transition. Insufficient investment in green technology and weak institutional capacity were noted as some of the obstacles to realising green growth.


These issues are part of an ongoing dialogue between OECD and developing countries on how to achieve greener growth and we look forward to a continued discussion.



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