South East Europe tax policy and investment


The Working Group on Tax Policy Analysis of the , launched in October 2008, brings together high-level officials and policy experts from South East Europe and the OECD to build on the process of addressing the tax component of the  (IRI) along the lines of tax reform priorities. 


The tax component of the IRI centers around identifying areas where the OECD may provide technical assistance to non-Member countries in relation to tax policy -- both in terms of the provision of economic models to assist tax policy analysis, and the assessment of pros and cons for the consideration of alternative policy approaches. 


Based on the OECD Policy Framework for Investment IRI is structured around the and is a novel tool used to measure on a comparative basis where South East European countries stand on policy reform. The IRI goes beyond the typical components of investment policy (such as national treatment of foreign direct investment, networks of bilateral investment protection treaties, investment incentives) and provides a comprehensive assessment of policy reform and institutional settings and achievements in key policy dimensions that impact the business climate.


The SEE Working Group on Tax Policy Analysis is organised under the Investment Compact for South East Europe and is supported by the OECD Centre for Tax Policy and Administration (CTPA).


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