Corporate governance


Remuneration of Boards of Directors and Executive Management in State-Owned Enterprises

The remuneration of board members and key executives of listed companies has received considerable attention in the past decade. The same issue has yet to be fully addressed in the case of state-owned enterprises (SOEs). This report seeks to fill the gap by taking stock of the policies and practices underpinning the remuneration of supervisory board members and executive managers of SOEs across 36 OECD member and partner countries. It highlights differences in remuneration practices according to countries’ ownership models and the corporate context of SOEs.

Published on June 16, 2022


Executive summary
Setting the scene: rationale, scope and methodology
Remuneration schemes applicable to supervisory board members
Remuneration schemes applicable to executive management of SOEs
SOE classification according to orientation and size
Actual remuneration levels of supervisory board members according SOEs’ orientation and size
Actual remuneration levels of executive managers according to SOEs’ orientation and size
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