The Council and Executive Committee Secretariat

The Council and Executive Committee Secretariat (CES) serves the Council, the Executive Committee, the Heads of Delegation (HoDs) meetings, the Global Strategy Group (GSG) and the Ministerial Council Meeting (MCM).

Concretely, CES supports the Secretary-General in his role as Chair of the Council and Members in playing their role in OECD governance through:

‒ Strengthening relations with Members by providing advice and support to Members in the decision-making process, anticipating issues that may be raised and identifying solutions;

‒ Supporting the Secretary-General on the institutional, policy and procedural aspects of Council’s activities and work programme;

‒ Providing institutional and procedural advice to Delegations and OECD Directorates;

‒ Ensuring the sound management of Council and Executive Committee meetings, including strategic agenda-setting and coordination with OECD Directorates;

‒ Providing information management;

In short, CES ensures efficient decision-making, institutional governance and coordination.


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