Tax Administration Responses to COVID-19: Assisting Wider Government


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This report sets out some of the new responsibilities that tax administrations are taking on to assist wider government in the provision of support to taxpayers and citizens. The report, put together with the assistance of the OECD Forum on Tax Administration's Enterprise Risk Management Community of Interest, sets out some of the considerations that administrations may wish to take into account in taking on these new responsibilities. It also highlights the opportunities to build on lessons learned to improve the resilience and agility of tax administrations for the future.




Other actions to tackle Covid-19

With tax playing an important role in the response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the OECD has outlined a range of tax measures governments could adopt to curb the economic fallout of the crisis, and has developed a compilation of all tax measures taken by governments so far.


Tax administration


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The OECD is compiling data, information, analysis and recommendations regarding the health, economic, financial and societal challenges posed by the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19). Please visit the dedicated OECD website for a full suite of coronavirus-related information.


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