Tax and crime

Impact Assessment of the OECD International Academy for Tax and Financial Crime Investigation: Main findings from the 2021 study


OECD Academy for tax and financial crime investigation - Impact assessment 2021 - cover

Published 22 September 2022


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The OECD International Academy for Tax and Financial Crime Investigation was established in 2013 with the objective of strengthening the capacity of developing countries to combat illicit financial flows by providing demand-driven training to law enforcement authorities on the practical skills required to detect and combat tax crimes and other financial crimes. To assess whether the Academy is meeting this objective, the OECD completed an evaluation and impact assessment in 2021 designed to gauge its impact at the individual, organisational, and jurisdictional levels. The study demonstrates the positive impact of the Academy, with the vast majority of officials reporting that it provided them with skills and techniques that were easily transferable to their domestic context and used in practice in the year(s) following their participation. The study also provides anecdotal support for the positive change the Academy can influence within national tax and financial crime agencies and supports a correlation between countries’ participation in the programme and improvements across a range of criminal enforcement measures.





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