Implementation road map



November 2015: adoption by the OECD Council of the Recommendation on Good Statistical Practice. The Council requested that the Committee on Statistics and Statistical Policy (CSSP) reports on its implementation no later than three years after its adoption. 

April 2016: adoption by the CSSP of an action plan for the implementation of the Recommendation, and release of the  brochure on the Recommendation on Good Statistical Practice

June 2019: discussion of the draft final report during the 2018 plenary meeting of the CSSP

June 2020: adoption of the monitoring implementation report by the CSSP

September 2020: report to the Council


Format of assessment

Country assessments of compliance with the Recommendation 

All require a self-assessment by the country, based on a self-assessment questionnaire. These may also be substantiated through documentation and referencing. In addition a peer review may be conducted by the CSSP with the help of the Secretariat. A peer review will only take place at the request of the country concerned and subject to receipt of a voluntary contribution to cover associated costs. 


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