OECD-Spain Conference on Financial Education


Challenges Ahead: Turning Policy Guidance into Efficient Practices

10-11 May 2012, Madrid, Spain

Organised by the OECD* and the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, this Conference on Financial Education "Challenges Ahead: Turning Policy Guidance into Efficient Practices" brought together experts from around the world to share their experiences of implementing national strategies for financial education and combining consumer protection and education to support households’ financial wellbeing.

 * with the support of the Russian/World Bank/OECD Trust Fund

DAY 1: National strategies and their implementation

Opening Remarks

Opening Remarks  / English

Mr. Fernando Jiménez Latorre, Deputy Minister for Economic Affairs, Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, Spain

Special Address

Special Address  / English

Mr. Julio Segura Sánchez, President, Financial Education Plan, CNMV, Spain
Panel Discussion: National Strategies for Financial Education Olympia Bover Juan manuel Valle Perena Anna Zelentsova Lucia Leitao  
Session 1: Financial Literacy Communication Campaigns Diana Crossan Delia Rickard K.C. Chakrabarty Gloria Caballero Núñez  
Session 2: Financial Education in Schools Xavier Gisbert Da Cruz Olaf Simonse  Annamaria Lusardi Jeroo Billimoria Antonio Ballabriga
Session 3: Private Sector's Involvement in Financial Education Luis Teijeiro Victoria Nye Julio Carlavilla Carina Szpilka  

DAY 2: Financial consumer protection and education to support households’ financial wellbeing

Roundtable 1: Improving Long-term Savings Diana Crossan Francisco de Blas Cruz Ignacio Izquierdo Sue Lewis
Roundtable 2: Supporting Responsible Consumer Credit David Thomas Camille Busette Javier Santamaría  
Closing Remarks

Mr. Rintaro Tamaki, Deputy Secretary-General, OECD

Mr. Luis de Guindos Jurado, Minister of Economy and Competitiveness, Spain


‌‌‌At the first plan a fountain with sculpture of lady in a chariot drawn by lions and in the second plan an official building in Madrid, Spain



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