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9-10 October 2008, Riva del Garda, Italy


Globalisation is strengthening global competition through new destinations and new consumers/tourists, and driving structural change in the tourism industry. In response to this trend, the tourism economy must improve its competitiveness and tourism actors must use their resources more efficiently and more innovatively to develop and bring to the market products that are competitive in the world market.

Policy makers, industry leaders and tourism experts will discuss these issues at the upcoming High Level Tourism Committee meeting, “The Tourism Economy and Globalisation: An Engine for Innovation, Growth and Employment".

Drawing attention to the major advances made in the implementation of effective tourism policies aimed at enhancing the competitiveness of the tourism economy, the meeting aims to analyse the trends, challenges and policies that will shape tourism in the years to come as well as review the role of the OECD in this area.

The meeting consisted of three main sessions:

  • Session 1: Tourism and Globalisation
    A review of trends and future challenges for tourism and a discussion of planned policies.
  • Session 2: Tourism-related Policies
    Addressing the convergence of tourism-related policies, particularly those concerning transport, employment, the environment, local development and culture.
  • Session 3: Tourism Sector Dialogue
    Heads of companies and representatives from the tourism sector (major firms, SMEs and professional organisations) will discuss with senior policy makers working in the tourism sector carefully selected and prepared themes.

The conclusions of the meeting and the “Declaration on Tourism Policy” were presented by the Chair in a wrap-up session followed by a press conference.


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