Investment policy

Conference on mobilising investment in infrastructure and agriculture in Africa


2011 NEPAD-OECD Ministerial Conference

26-27 April 2011 - Dakar, Senegal


Hosted by the Government of Senegal, this conference was organised within the framework of the OECD Sustainable Investment Programme for Africa .

DAY 1: the Forum, Mobilising investment in infrastructure and agricultureidentified key challenges and conditions for increased investment in sectors that are crucial to reinforcing Africa's productive capacities. Governmental decision-makers debated with experts and business sector representatives on the means for:
  • strengthening private investment in infrastructure, including by improving the enabling environment in this area
  • boosting the attractiveness of the agricultural sector for foreign and domestic investors
  • better mobilising green investment for growth and job creation
  • enhancing business integrity in Africa

The Aid for Investment in Infrastructure project was launched during this event. This project analyses the support that development partners bring to improving investment conditions in African infrastructure. 


DAY 2: the Ministerial Meeting brought together top-level African actors key to investment policy reform to explore ways to accelerate existing reforms targeting the improvement of the investment climate in African countries. Discussions highlighted best-practices and successful experiences in reform implementation. They also identified key obstacles to the expansion of reforms - along with the means for tackling them.


Conference documents

Presentations and Background Documents


Session 1: Bridging the investment gap in infrastructure

Session 2: Mobilising more and better investment in agriculture

  • Répondre au déficit d’investissement dans les infrastructures, Aminata Niane, APIX (PDF, in French only)
  • Vue d’ensemble, Ralph A.Olaye, PIDA (PDF)
  • Public investment in infrastructure: An approach for sustainable development, Mario Pezzini, OECD Development Centre (PDF)
  • Japan’s Initiative on Infrastructure Development in Africa and TICAD Process, Kei YOSHIZAWA,  Japan International Cooperation Agency (PDF)
  • Draft Policy Framework for Investment in agriculture (PDF)
  • Revue des politiques de l’investissement agricole du Burkina Faso (PDF, in French only)
  • The Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP)

Session 3.1: Green investment for growth and job creation in Africa

  • Vers une économie verte, Moustapha Kamal Gueye, Programme des Nations Unies pour l’environnement (PDF, in French only)
  • Green Economy promotion perspectives and Climate Challenges: The I&FF Project, Libasse Ba, ENDA (PDF)
  • Role of Pension Funds in Financing Green Growth, Raffaele Della Croce, OECD (PDF) 
  • Climate-compatible growth: Seizing the opportunity for Africa (PDF)
  • The role of pension funds in financing green growth initiatives (PDF)
  • Fostering a Green Economy Transformation and Social and Environmental Entrepreneurship in Africa (PDF)
  • Towards a green economy: Pathways to sustainable development and poverty eradication (PDF)
  • Green Economy promotion perspectives and Climate Challenges: The I&FF Project (PDF)

Session 3.2: Leveraging Aid for Infrastructure

  • Opening speech, Mario Amano, OECD Deputy Secretary-General (PDF)

Session 3.3: Promoting Business Integrity

Ministerial Meeting

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