Green growth and sustainable development

Green Growth and Sustainable Development: Key OECD documents


green growth studies

These studies aim to provide in-depth reviews of the green growth issues faced by different sectors. Access the full studies via OECD iLibrary.

Boosting Greener Jobs in Flanders_Cover

Boosting Skills for Greener Jobs in Flanders, Belgium

January 2017

Cover_Urban GG in Dynamic Asia

Urban Green Growth
in Dynamic Asia

November 2016

GG Studies, Bandung Indonesia_Cover

Green Growth in Bandung, Indonesia

October 2016

Farm Management in Green Growth_Cover 2016

Farm Management Practices to Foster Green Growth

February 2016


Brochures and flyers

OECD work on green growth, 2015-16 (September 2015) 

Towards Green Growth? Tracking Progress - Key Findings and Recommendations (2015)

Water and Innovation for Green Growth (2015) 

Joint pilot study on green growth indicators in the LAC Region (2014) -  en Español

Towards green growth in emerging and developing Asia (2013)

Inclusive Green Growth: For the future we want (OECD work) (2012) - en francais

The Green Growth Strategy: Reshaping the OECD’s work agenda for the years to come (outlining the next steps for green growth) (2011)

Overview of OECD work on green growth  (2011)

Green Growth Papers

The Green Growth Papers complement the Green Growth Studies series, and aim to stimulate discussion and analysis on specific topics and obtain feedback from interested audiences. The papers are generally available only in their original language, mainly in English, with a summary in the other if available. Access the full Series of Green Growth Papers via OECD iLibrary.

Multifactor Productivity_Cover_GGPapers_2016_04Environmentally Adjusted Multifactor Productivity: Methodology and Empirical results for OECD and G20 countries


Land Cover and Land Use Indicators_GGPapers_Cover_2016_03 Land Cover and Land Use Indicators - Review of available data


GGPapers_GGI_Population_Exposure_2016Population Exposure to Fine Particles - Methodology and Results for OECD and G20 countries


Air Pollution Indicators_GGPapers_Cover_2016_01Air Pollution Exposure Indicators - Review of Ground-Level Monitoring Data Availability and Proposed Calculation Method



green growth since 2011

Towards Green Growth? Tracking Progress

The 2011 Green Growth Strategy provided initial guidance to governments on how to achieve economic growth and development, while preventing costly environmental damage and inefficient resource use. What progress have countries made in aligning economic and environmental priorities since 2011? This report attempts to evaluate this progress and highlight where there is broad scope to heighten the ambition and effectiveness of green growth policy. It draws lessons from green growth mainstreaming across the OECD’s work programme, notably in terms of how governments can maximise institutional settings to seize economic opportunities surrounding the transition to a green economy, and considers ways to enrich the Green Growth Strategy based on work undertaken since its launch.

Key Findings and Recommendations available in  English | French | Spanish

Green Growth Strategy Package

Towards Green Growth

Delivered at the 2011 Ministerial Council Meeting:

Towards Green Growth

Towards Green Growth - Monitoring Progress: OECD Indicators

Tools for Delivering Green Growth (PDF)

Towards green growth: A summary for policy makers (PDF)

Note: also available in Chinese | French | German | Italian |  | Korean | Portuguese | Russian | Spanish

Green Growth and the G20


2009-2010 Documents

Declaration on Green Growth adopted at the Meeting of the Council (MCM) at Ministerial Level on 25 June 2009 [C/MIN(2009)5/ADD1/FINAL] 


Sustainable development key reports

Guidance on Sustainability Impact Assessment (PDF)


February 2011



  • About the OECD
  • Foreword
  • OECD Sustainable Development Programmes and Initiatives
  • 2009-2010 Key Achievements and Special Initiatives
  • OECD Sustainable Development Focus Areas
  1. Sustainable Consumption and Production
  2. Climate Change and Sustainable Development
  3. Sustainable Trade and Foreign Investment
  4. Subsidy Reform and Sustainable Development
  5. Education for Sustainable Development
  6. Environment and Health
  7. Governance for Sustainable Development
  8. Sustainable Development Measurements and Statistics
  • AMSDE Activity Report
  • Evolution of OECD Sustainable Development Mandate
  • Acronyms

Guidance on Sustainability Impact Assessment, 2010


2008 Annual Report on Sustainable Development Work in the OECD (PDF), 2008


Promoting Sustainable Consumption: Good Practices in OECD Countries (PDF), 2008




SIA is an approach for exploring the combined economic, environmental and social impacts of a range of proposed policies, programmes, strategies and action plans.


Read all about the range of sustainable development work (economic, environmental and social) in the OECD – statistics, analyses, policy discussions and more.


Promoting the sustainability of consumption in economic, environmental and social terms depends on effective use of government policy tools.

Gender and Sustainable Development: Maximising the Economic, Social and Environmental Role of Women (PDF), 2008


Towards Sustainable Agriculture: OECD Contribution to UNCSD-16 (PDF), 2008


Energy for Sustainable Development: OECD Contribution to UNCSD-15 (PDF), 2007



Sustainable development depends on long-term investments in human capital, of which the female half is being marginalised the world over.


Sustainable agriculture depends on coherent policies for rural development, land, drought, desertification, Africa and the agricultural sector itself. 


Widening energy access in LDCs, increasing energy R&D, promoting energy efficiency, and addressing energy-related climate change issues are among the approaches needed.

Policy Brief: Advancing Sustainable Development (PDF), 2006


Good Practices in the National Sustainable Development Strategies of OECD Countries (PDF), 2006




This Policy Brief looks at progress towards sustainable development in the OECD and its member countries, and at what more can be done to advance sustainable development in the Organisation’s work and policy discussions.


National sustainable development strategies should start at the top, aim at the long-term, and integrate several policy areas.


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Boosting Skills for Greener Jobs in Flanders, Belgium


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