Regulatory policy

Regulatory Policy in Kazakhstan: Towards Improved Implementation


 30 June 2014

Regulatory Policy in Kazakhstan

The OECD Review of Regulatory Policy in Kazakhstan uses as framework of assessment the 2012 OECD Recommendation of the Council on Regulatory Policy and Governance. Its objective is to assess regulatory management capacities in Kazakhstan, including policies, tools and institutions for ensuring regulatory quality.


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  • The Kazakh Government has put in place many elements of regulatory policy, including setting formal requirements on procedures for making regulations, establishing advisory councils to conduct public consultation, developing an online database of legislation, introducing a requirement to conduct a “scientific expertise” of draft regulations, conducting reviews of existing legislation.


  • Significant administrative simplification measures have also been undertaken in recent years. However, more is needed to ensure the effective implementation of these elements for regulatory management. Progress can be achieved by developing practical tools and training in support of the work of officials.


  • Training and capacity building also need to be strengthened in a number of key regulatory management areas. Many regulatory tools need to be refined and further developed. Existing requirements could be improved by adapting existing rules and setting more detailed practical procedures.


This report provides a set of recommendations and policy option recommendations for developing regulatory management policy and improving regulations in Kazakhstan including the adoption of a comprehensive, whole-of-government policy on regulatory quality, establishing a government body responsible for promoting regulatory quality, improving the consultation process and establishing a fully-fledged regulatory impact procedure when preparing new regulations.


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