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Webinar Series on Emerging Science to Improve Chemical Safety


The OECD webinars on Emerging Science provide an opportunity to chemical safety professionals to learn and discuss new methodologies developed by research globally. These new approaches might make their way into future regulatory applications, but a dialogue will help scientists understand the needs of the regulatory community, and allow regulators to ask the relevant questions early on. Video recordings of our webinars are made available online afterwards.


OECD Workshop on how to prepare for emerging technologies - WATCH THE replay and read the workshop report


Emerging Science to Improve Chemicals Safety

This series of six webinars was organised by the OECD Secretariat and the steering group in preparation of a workshop of the OECD Working Party of the National Coordinators of the Test Guidelines Programme (WNT) in December 2022. The focus of the workshop was on how to prepare for emerging technologies. Biotechnologies and data engineering are rapidly evolving, and some applications very well address the demand of alternatives to animal testing for chemical safety. The WNT is receptive to the new opportunities these fields of science can bring to the Test Guidelines Programme. This workshop was an excellent occasion to start discussing priority issues, such as method readiness criteria, validation practices, validation for batteries of assays, performance standards, in light of emerging science and technologies.

The webinars were held from June to November 2022, with invited speakers mostly outside the WNT. Presentations in the webinars were for information purposes, and do not reflect consensus views of the WNT. The topics of each webinar were identified and prioritised by the WNT. Speakers were then identified by the OECD Secretariat and the workshop steering group. Key points and messages were used as preparatory material for the workshop, mostly as sources of inspiration for the workshop discussions.

On 28 June 2023, the OECD published the workshop report.

Access the webinar recordings below:




- Introduction: Magda Sachana from the OECD Environment Directorate

- Trust and Transparency Plus in chemicals regulation: Annamaria Carusi fromInterchange Research | Presentation

- Building trust through improved tools and practice in the life cycle of mechanistic data: Antonio Franco from the EC Joint Research Centre | Presentation

- The role of the AOP Framework in knowledge management and trust building: Jason O’Brien from the National Wildlife Research Centre, Canada | Presentation



- Anne Gourmelon of the OECD Environment Directorate briefly introduced the presenters and scope of the webinar | Presentation

- Karolina Gutt-Mostowy of the European Commision Joint Research Centre in Brussels presented the fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory (FRAND) terms for licenses | Presentation

- Sharon Bahia from the European Collection of Authenticated Cell Cultures of Public Health England discussed the role of biological resources banks and collection in maintaining traceability of protected material | Presentation





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