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Peru: Mid-term review workshop, 12 May 2016, Lima




The OECD organised together with the Secretaría Nacional de la Juventud (SENAJU) and the Ministry of Education of Peru a multi-stakeholder workshop in Lima, Peru, on the 12 May 2016.

Representatives of different ministries, international organisations, researchers and youth representatives discussed the preliminary findings of the OECD Youth Inclusion country study to feed back into the project cycle. The discussions were centred on youth well-being, the institutional framework, the transition to adulthood, the quality of education and participation in the policy-making process. Participants agreed on the need to generate political capital which would allow to improve the institutional framework of youth policies in Peru. Furthermore, the government should provide more guidance to young people in their transition and should offer open spaces for participation and where young people can develop their projects.

Summary of the discussions (in Spanish)>





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