OECD inventory of international co-operation agreements between competition agencies (MoUs)


‌‌‌International co-operation in competition law enforcement is at the core of the OECD competition-related work.

As part of this work, the OECD Competition Division has put together a list (in Word and Excel format) of bi-lateral or multi-lateral arrangements by competition agencies relating to competition enforcement co-operation, where at least one party is an OECD Member or an Associate or Participant of the OECD Competition Committee. These lists were last updated in November 2022.

Based on this list, the OECD Competition Division created and regularly updates an inventory of the key provisions included in these agreements, with examples of some clauses from the agreements. The inventory lists examples of typical and atypical provisions.

Each section of the inventory is presented separately, along with the relevant provision of the 2014 OECD Recommendation concerning International Co-operation on Competition Investigations and Proceedings


Competition authorities who would like to submit updates of new/amended agreements are welcome to send to Antonio Capobianco ( 



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Download the inventory of agreements between competition authorities (Searchable Excel)
Provisions on purpose
Provisions on definitions
Provisions on transparency
Provisions on notifications
Provisions on enforcement co-operation and investigative assistance
Provisions on the exchange of information
Provisions on the co-ordination of investigations and proceedings
Provisions on negative comity
Provisions on positive comity
Provisions on consultation
Provisions on regular meetings
Provisions on confidentiality
Provisions on existing law
Provisions on communication
Miscellaneous provisions
First inventory made in 2016


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