• 18-April-2008

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    UNCSD Flyer for debate on Agriculture

    The OECD will sponsor a panel discussion on “Are OECD Policies Contributing to Global Agricultural Sustainability? at the 16th session of the UN Commission on Sustainable Development (UNCSD-16) in New York, USA.

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  • 17-May-2005


  • 2-September-2004


    2004 Annual Meeting of Sustainable Development Experts

    The OECD is pleased to announce the first Annual Meeting of Sustainable Development Experts (AMSDE) at the OECD on 29 September to 1 October 2004.

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  • 1-January-2004


  • 11-February-2003


    Implementing Environmental Fiscal Reform: Income Distribution and Sectoral Competitiveness Issues -- Proceedings of a conference held in Berlin, Germany, 27 June 2002

    This document contains the papers prepared for a conference on Environmental Fiscal Reform hosted by the OECD and the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, held in Berlin, Germany, 27 June 2002.

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  • 16-March-2000


    OECD Seminar Social and Environment Interface - Proceedings

    Following an internal seminar with participation of staff from various OECD Directorates (ENV, ECO, DELSA, TDS), the Environment Directorate organised an OECD Seminar on the Social Environment Interface, on September 22-24, 1999.

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  • 1-juillet-1997


    Consommation et production écologiquement viables: Définition des concepts

    Cette publication étudie différents aspects du débat actuel relatif à six concepts fondamentaux et examine leur valeur potentielle pour l'élaboration et la mise en oeuvre de politiques visant à promouvoir des modes plus durables de consommation et de production.

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