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Global Forum on Environment: Making Water Reform Happen


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OECD Conference Centre, Paris

 25-26 October 2011

Well-managed water systems are a fundamental policy goal for all countries and can be an important driver for green growth. Yet significant gaps persist between aspirations to ensure access to sufficient and sustainable quantities of good quality water and the actual conditions on the ground. Identifying appropriate policies and approaches for integrative water policy is only a first step - implementation is essential. 


Photo: Angel Gurría, Secretary-General of the OECD at the opening of the Global Forum

 Opening of the Global Forum on Environment: Making Water Reform Happen



  • To identify the challenges of designing and implementing water policy reforms and strategies to address them;
  • To gain a better understanding of how integrated water policy reforms can be implemented in specific contexts incorporating well-recognised principles of environmental policy (e.g. the polluter pays principle, removing environmentally harmful subsidies), a sound economic basis (e.g. sustainable cost recovery) and good governance; and
  • To provide an opportunity for developing and developed countries to share experiences about past and on-going water policy reforms and to identify key factors for improving the prospects for success.

 Programme and Background Papers

Rapporteur's Report

Programme of Events


 Session Presentations

Framing the Reform Challenges

Water Reform at the National Level

Water, Agriculture, Energy and Environment Linkages

Meeting the Water Supply and Sanitation Challenge


 Target Audience

The Global Forum gathered over 250 participants from both OECD member and non-member countries, including senior government officials, sub-national authorities, and regulators; business leaders; leaders of non-governmental organisations and other civil society organisations; and leading water experts.




Water: Price it right, use it well

OECD Secretary-General says water is a precious resource and must be priced accordingly.



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The Water Challenge: OECD's Response

The OECD Environmental Outlook to 2030 has identified water as one of the four critical environmental priorities for the coming two decades.

    Agricultural Water Management

Agriculture is responsible for approximately 70% of water use worldwide.  Agriculture is a major user of land and water resources and has significant environmental impacts.          

Water and Multilevel Governance

Water can be perceived as a local concern, however its efficient, sustainable and equitable management requires an integrated approach involving multiple stakeholders.

  Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation

Countries the world over face mounting challenges in providing safe and affordable drinking water and sanitation services – from meeting the water targets in the Millennium Development Goals to complying with increasingly stringent environmental standards.


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