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Peer Review of the Comet assay validation exercise.  The international validation of the in vivo Comet assay was led by Japan. The experimental phases started in 2006 and the validation reports below (including pre validation report and validation report) were peer reviewed in January and February 2013. The validation and the peer review reports were endorsed by the WNT  in April 2013. A Test Guideline is currently under development.


Pre-validation report (Phase 1 to 3)


Validation report - (Phases 4_1 and 4_2)

Annexes not included in the validation report:

Phase 4-1:

Appendix 3: Study Reports in testing facilities

: Statisticial Analysis results

Phase 4-2

Appendix 4: Study reports in testing facilities

Appendix 6: Meeting materials at Kyoto meeting

Additional comments on intra-and inter-laboratory reproducibility


Supporting documentation:

Draft Test Guideline: Rodent alkaline single cell gel electrophoresis (Comet) assay


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