Global Inventory of Pollutant Releases

Dissemination and use of PRTR data


A basic function of a PRTR system is making release and transfer data accessible to the public. Making such data available can help facilitate public participation in the sound chemicals management and environmental decision-making process. To provide member countries with a practical guide on disseminating and presenting PRTR data, the OECD compiled and published practices and experiences on the presentation and dissemination of PRTR data in 2000.


The OECD also published Uses of PRTR data and Tools for their Presentations (2005) which compiles various examples of the use of PRTR data as well as tools for presenting and illustrating them in member countries. More recently, the considerations for ensuring quality PRTR data was published, which examines similarities and differences across countries in their requirements to collect and display high quality data required for an effective PRTR system.


The other part of efforts related to the desemination of PRTR data is the development of web-based resources to make various PRTR data and information easily accessible. The is a global portal to various PRTR infomration and activities from countries and organisations around the world. The Centre for PRTR Data provides PRTR data in national or regional levels submitted from OECD countries every year.


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